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Insulation from Sunshine Insulation provides summer and winter comfort because it acts as a barrier to slow down the movement of heat, keeping it inside the building in cold weather and outside the building in hot weather. Whether the building is located in a warm or cool climate, insulation installed by Sunshine Insulation, San Antonio plays a key role in creating a controlled and comfortable environment. 

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Sunshine Insulation has over 30+ years of experience providing quality cleaning services. We are licensed and insured. Our commitment is to customer satisfaction and this is why we work hard to deliver on what we promise. All of our jobs are operated and supervised by the owners.

Sunshine Insulation serving San Antonio & Central Texas.

Residential Homes

The attic is often where you can find the biggest air leaks in your home.Sunshine Insulation adds the proper amount of insulation to your attic, you can stay comfortable while using less energy.

Commercial Business

Sunshine Insulation services South Central area of Texas for commercial insulation including, residential multi-family, apartment complexes, new construction retrofit, shopping malls, strip centers and for businesses of any size and insulation removals.

Metal Buildings

The roof and walls of metal buildings should be insulated to conserve energy, prevent condensation and improve acoustical performance. The experienced team at Sunshine Insulation will do the job right the FIRST TIME!

"Let Sunshine Assist With Your Insulation Needs!"

South Central Texas & San Antonio

San Antonio and South Texas Insulation from Sunshine Insulation.
Create Comfortable Environment

Homes, All Sizes

Commercial Insulation options from Sunshine Insulation of San Antonio, TX.
Work Completed on a Timely Basis

Commercial / Multi-Family

Radiant Barrier Spray applied by Sunshine Insulation keeps the attic up to 30 degrees cooler, which saves you substantial money over the years
Work Done Professionally 1st Time

Metal Buildings

& Special Projects

What does Insulation do for you?

The cost of energy has turned what was once an item of lesser importance – insulation – into a very important one. Insulation in all types of building construction are now of a critical importance. Today’s insulations have kept pace with rising energy costs with more efficient thermal performance.

Insulation properly selected and professionally installed will return more of its investment than any other building component. Insulation pays dividends throughout the life of the structure, returning your investment in a variety of ways, including appearance, comfort, fuel savings, condensation prevention and noise control.

Noise Control

Both the level of interior and exterior noise can be greatly reduced by fiber glass insulation. The insulation’s noise absorption properties help prevent the transmission of exterior noises such as rain, hail, aircraft and traffic. In addition, it helps to quiet noise within the building by absorbing reverberation sound. This is especially important in manufacturing buildings where there are often high noise levels.

Lower Fuel & Power Costs

Metal building insulation lowers fuel and power costs by making the most efficient use of heating and cooling energy. Because insulation helps control the amount of heat gained and lost through the building shell, it reduces the amount of energy required to replace lost heat thereby lowering energy bills. By adequately insulating a metal building it is possible to lower initial costs by reducing the size of heating and cooling equipment.

Prevents Consendation

The facing on the insulation, in addition to acting as a decorative protective barrier, is an integral part of the overall insulation system. It resists the passage of moisture vapor, reducing the possibility of condensation within the insulation or on the cold building shell. Condensation control is provided by using sufficient insulation thickness to maintain the vapor retarder facing at a temperature below the dew point temperature of the ambient indoor air under winter conditions.

How We Insulate Your Property?

Professionally trained employees. We are insured & bonded. COVID-19 Preparedness.


HeatBloc is an aluminum colored, water-based, low emissivity (low-e) coating. When applied to building materials such as plywood, OSB or plasterboard, HeatBloc lowers their surface emissivity to 0.25 or lower, thereby blocking over 75% of the radiant heat trying to enter the home. It is classified by ASTM as an Interior Radiation Control Coating (IRCC).

  • Blocks over 81% of the Sun’s Heat from Your Home
  • Substantially Reduces Energy Costs
  • Ideal for Hot Climates
  • Keeps Your Home in the Shade

Radiant Barrier Spray

The Radiant Spray Barrier will increase the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. Check out the great advantages at Sunshine Insulation over previous types of radiant barriers (like foil) with better coverage and longer lasting life-span. The Radiant Spray Barrier is not a vapor barrier so it will not contriubute to mold and it will not block antennas or mobile phones in your home.

Insulation is still important, though it will not stop radiant heat transfer. The Radiant Barrier Spray is durable, similar to premium latex paint and should give you up to 25 years of service and energy savings from the Texas heat.


The insulation shall be flexible fiber glass metal building insulation. The insulation shall be faced with a vapor retarder having a permeable rating of not greater than 0.1 as tested in accordance with ASTM E96, Desiccant Method.

  • Fiber Glass Insulation for Metal Buildings
  • Vinyl Faced Insulation
  • Vapor Retarder Facings (Light Reflective Surface)


The perfect way to insulate any attic space; whether it’s new construction or retrofit. By adding the recommended amount of Attic Guard PLUS® insulation to your attic you will:

  • Save on energy bills
  • Benefit from increasing year round comfort in your home
  • Contribute to a safe, healthy environment by properly insulating
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing gas or electric heating and air conditioning use.


Saving energy & saving money – at CPS Energy, we’re proud to offer you the opportunity to do both.

Sunshine Insulation

Residential, Commercial & Metal Building Insulation

Commercial and Metal building insulation is a specialty of Sunshine Insulation Contractors. The work is completed in a timely basis, professionally the first time. We service the South Central area of Texas for commercial insulation including, residential multi-family, apartment complexes, new construction retrofit, shopping malls, strip centers and for businesses of any size and insulation removals. Family owned & operated, located centrally in San Antonio TX.


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Sunshine Insulation also offers the service of Insulation Removal. Please contact us for more information.


"Let Sunshine Assist With Your Insulation Needs!"

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